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September 2018 - Oliver Anderson

September 2018 - Oliver Anderson

Story by Michelle Chance  |  Photographs by Mason Callejas

 Born in 1929,  one of Maricopa's most storied residents provides a glimpse of what life was like in the community from the dusty days of the Great Depression and on into the 21st Century. 

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October 2018 - Kaden Rogers

October 2018 - Kaden Rogers

Story by Raquel Hendrickson  |  Photographs by Mason Callejas

Magic or movie magic, imagining or engineering, 15-year-old Kaden Cruz Rogers has a side business as an entertainer, even a stage name, and a fledgling career in filmmaking.

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April 2017 - Joe Carpenter

Story by Fran Lyons  |  Photographs by Mason Callejas

A Maricopa custom guitar maker and repairman said he “had a passion to work with and repair guitars and amps since [he] was a kid.”

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May 2018 - Steve Black

May 2018 - Steve Black

Story by Fran Lyons  |  Photographs by Mason Callejas

Arizona native Steven Black lives and breathes his passion for bowling. Now on the professional circuit, Black, 33, loves his sport, loves to win, and aspires to reach the highest level of mastery.

February 2017 - Kim Bryant

Story & photographs by Mason Callejas

For one Maricopa resident, drag racing has been a part of life for as long as she can remember.

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